Our Mission

Firecrackers DFW is part of the Firecrackers Softball Organization based out of Huntington Beach, CA.  We are based in North, Central, and West Texas and our players come from all over the great states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  Our mission is to provide a level of training to our players that ensures the highest level of social and athletic development and growth.

Playing the game professionally, having self-respect, and respecting others are the core values that this program was built upon.   Being a Firecracker means you understand that you are beautiful, certain of yourself, and very capable of playing this game.  Most importantly, you are striving to make the decisions that will provide you happiness for the rest of your life.


2013 Colorado Fireworks Super 32 - Lutz - 9th
2013 18U Gold - 1st Place Mt Everidge Bracket - Colorado
2013 18U Gold - Qualified for Triple Crown Gold Nationals
2013 18U Gold - Qualified for ASA Gold Nationals
2013 18U Gold - Qualified for PGF Nationals
2013 18U Gold - ranked in the top 100 in the nation by TC
2013 16U Lutz - ranked in the top 100 in the nation by TC
2013 18U Gold - 1st place at Ronald McDonald in Houston going undefeated
2013 18U Gold - 1st place in 2nd Annual North Texas Showcase in Denton
2012 18U Poole - 5th place USFA Nationals
2012 16U Lutz - Qualified for PGF Nationals
2011 16U Poole - ranked 28th in the nation by TC
2011 16U Poole - 1st place ASA Regional Qualifier
2011 16U Poole - 5th place Hall of Fame
2011 16U Poole - Co-Champs at Colorado Sparkler (287)
2011 16U Poole - 1st place PGF Qualifier going undefeated allowing no runs



18U Gold Poole - 2014 TC/USA Nationals (Q)
18U Gold Poole - 2104 PGF Nationsl (Q) (Both teams)
18U Gold Poole - 2014 Finished tied for 5th in Super 64 in CO 
18U RWB - 2014 PGF Platinum (Q)
16U Lutz - 2014 TC/USA Nationals (Q)
16U Lutz - 2014 PGF Platinum (Q)
16U E.H. - 2014 PGF Platinum (Q)
16U Rosales - 2014 TC/USA Nationals (Q)
16U Rosales - 2014 PGF Nationals (Q)
14U Poullard - 2014 TC/USA Nationals (Q)
14U Sinnie - 2014 TC/USA Nationals (Q)